Nice Carnival 2018 : King of space !

Events / Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Nice carnival from 17th February to 3rd March 2018.

It is a major event on the French Riviera.
The theme of this year is the King of space.

Expect to be blow-minded! This year theme is full of inspiration and creativity.

The Carnival is not just 17 floats, but it’s also more than 1000 dancers and musicians. It’s the biggest in France. There will be two weeks of parades. So, don’t forget to check out the schedule of the parades here first. You can also check out the map of the events here and how to get there here.

Admire the models on the decorated floats, with their extravagant costumes throwing flowers to the crowd. Obviously, there are some rules to respect ! Also, dress up fully and join for free the parades.

What’s new is that you can have a gastronomic lunch on the Ferris wheel for a charitable cause. See all the information here. So, what are you waiting for? Take a ticket for the party and come discover Nice with its colorful parades!

Why not learn how the parades are made in backstage ?


It takes time to make this magnificent floats and most of all, a lot of hard work ! It’s impressive what they are able to build. Have you ever seen such a thing anywhere else ?
During Winter, the French Riviera is still full of events and activities. You will be able to check out in the blog all the things you could do in our beautiful region very soon. But, while waiting for that, let yourself enjoy the festivities of the Nice carnival and make loads of memories out of it. Also, don’t forget to go visit Menton and its Lemon Festival. The colors are spectaculars so are the chars ! You won’t regret your staying in our beautiful country.

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